While I was in Texas A&M I met someone called Alya and she used to describe the emotional feeling when you are not really sure how to describe what is happening to you but something is happening that is not normal feeling as “All feels” and I kind of like that.

Why all feels? It is 19 days to the start of classes at LCB. WHAT! I swear it was just May like 5 minutes ago. Sigh. The thing is as it gets closer I get more and more nervous to be honest. The problem is I do not even know why… I just have this feeling that I will not be able to perform. That I may not able to rise up to the challenge and be amazing. I mean at the end of the day how hard can it be to boil an egg? But that is not the point. 

I have been reading blogs and all of a sudden the idea of 6 day weeks and long days of practice and demonstration just seem draining. I did survive engineering for 4 years, so how much harder can this be for 1 year? I am excited and scared at the same time. But it is too late to pull out. Let us see what will happen as time runs out. LOL. That sounds scary like someone is going to die. Don’t even say that was morbid because we were all thinking it. 

One more reason for my all feels is this “Aches for Cakes” lady. I know people who know her and I follow her on instagram now. She is going to be attending LCB for the same duration as me and according to her instagram she is already at her apartment and buying groceries and all that stuff. It just made it sink in that this shiz is getting real. I have been following her for a while and she is a talented lady. I aspire to get to her level and possibly surpass it after LCB is done. She did not start off awesome but she worked her way to awesome. I don’t know why I included her in this post…

These are some blogs I have been looking at: