In Paris! (L8 post)

I am officially excited. Why? Business class happened.  😀

 The last time I was in business class was about 3 years ago and what I loved and remember the most is the food and this particular pretzel bread that was served. Till this day I can still taste that bread. It was that good.

Naturally now that the whole culinary thing is happening I opened the menu (yes there is a fancy menu with nice patterns and typography and all) and acted like I knew what I was reading.  

So why excited you may be asking?  It just dawned on me that soon enough I will he able to make all that fancy stuff for the most part. My culinary horizon is going to be expanded like cray. I have a suspicion that making ramen with cute cuts of spring onion and carrot that I currently make will no longer cut it.

Each course from the spring roll looking starter to the 2nd sweet course took me my surprise.  For like 10 minutes as I was eating I felt like I was in another universe. The flavors married well. Like you know that right brain thing that you lose your sense of time for a second. That happened

Now in Paris my dad wants to try everything almost.  Which I am perfect fine with.  So far I am yet to find a place that is genuinely bad.