Now that I am in the country, I have to go check in with the ministry of ministries (yes that was supposed to be all Harry Potter-y)

After orientation I read the form and realized I needed some photocopies made. On my way I saw an Office Depot so I took a quick detour.

With limited language the guy asked things like une fois? Couleur?  Quand page? and of course I responded with “oui”

It’s getting better

It was time to pay
The guy said deux cinquante (€2.50)

I heard the following simultaneously:
Deux secours ( 2 relief )
Deux et une ( 2 & 1 )
Deux cent ( 200 )

Knowing I was confused I forgot that my hand was already stretched with coins. To risk embarrassment I put a €2 on the table hoping he would repeat the number and he didn’t. But he then chuckled and picked “cinquante” out of the coins in hand.

Oh the experiences