Week 2 is done

This week was interesting.  Definitely more intense than last week but more fun.

Although I was a firm believer that I liked pastry more.  There was a shift. I am falling more towards the cuisine side. To me, pastry is becoming too repetitive.  Flour,  butter and sugar in different ways.  Not that it is less interesting but it’s there.  Cuisine however is more complicated and hence more interesting.  This new realization does not however mean that I don’t want to do chocolate work.  It just means I prefer cuisine more at the moment.

Anywho. I have spent my 1 weekend day doing laundry, studying,  blogging, eating and shopping.  Time to finally chill at 8pm. Le sigh.  8:30 class tomorrow too!

Je suis ty ty. (Yes I am aware that ty ty is not french)