A sushi restaurant with 3 Michelin stars? There are not many videos that inspire me but this is one of them. The man has made sushi since he was 8 years old and he is now 89. He also said he did not feel like a master till he was 50 years old. That means he spent 42 years assembling rice and raw fish till he felt he knew what he was doing.

I am very guilty of this I must confess. I am neither patient or disciplined when it comes to dreams I want to come to fruition. I prefer for it to happen here and now, or maybe yesterday. There are many hobbies that could have become careers that I have pushed to the wayside because I gave up. I often have to remind myself that this thing we call life is a quick yet long journey. If you have decided that you are passionate about something spend time doing it well even though it not be easy or rewarding in the beginning. If for example you live till 70 and you are now 25, you have 45 solid years of work ahead of you. That is only of course if you believe in working till you die, which I fondly do. Although I am quite young, but I have a hunch that if you set your mind to anything for 45 years, you will become a master guaranteed. I am an not saying you will be known worldwide, but you will be at a point where you can create whatever you want without fear and your clients will wait for your excellence.