I do not have good memories of sugar cane. The first time I tried it as a kid and for some reason I threw up minutes after eating it and I have been turned off since then. Last year I was having a conversation with Ozoz around the time I wanted to play around with cocktails and she mentioned doing something with sugar cane juice. Immediately I felt disgusted but then she juiced some and it changed my mind. It never occurred to me that it is natural simple syrup.

Around this time,  I was talking to my brother who was experimenting with home brewing beer and he mentioned sugarcane being the base for rum. My mind was blown because I didn’t know that most alcohols are plant and fruit based. This then led me to attempt making rum.

I was almost successful however I forgot that distillation is slightly difficult to do without any equiptment. I did make a rig that I used for the product but I was probably making moonshine and I lost most of the rum. I will have to try it again but this time I am ready.