For a long time I have been interested in the versatility of space. As each day passes, sometimes it hard to fathom the fact that the space you are in right now has been occupied by numerous people before you and will be occupied after you. Recently, I have been interested in the dining room table. In most households it is arranged in a particular way but looking at it, its impossible to see the numerous meals and projects that the table has supported. Over the last week I have spent a good amount of time looking at the kitchen butterfly’s table because I was helping to prep for an event. Curiously I then took pictures of the same table over 4 days at different points in time. It is kind of strange but the pictures individually do not say much but in a series they tell a story.

Even though the placement of the elements on the table were all random and unplanned, they all ended up converging into meals with elements that were meticulously planned out. It is kind of strange how things work. In order to create, disorder must be worked with and represented in a way that it makes sense to us personally and is hopefully understood by a wider audience.