Stigma keeps us silent about the realities we all share

Up until today my feelings towards mental illness were still related to illusions and not the reality of the situation. For this and many reasons I assumed that people I knew could not possibly be sick.

So what?

A mental illness like a physical illness is a wonderful thing because it means we are human. When you live with one, all it means is that you have to take special considerations on a daily basis. The same way someone with high blood pressure would take medicine or an amputee would put on a prosthetic you have to pay extra attention to your mental health. Something I have learned is that mental illnesses are not permanent but they can reoccur if you do not pay attention. If you are struggling with an issue or a condition that you remember not having that has hindered your ability to function please do something about it. The worst thing that can happen is that you will have to talk to a professional for a few weeks and the best thing would be a clean bill of health. In an advanced case you may need some medicine for a while, but the same thing happens when you have neglected high blood pressure for a while.