This the last post in the series that followed World suicide prevention day.

Over this week, I have discussed quite a few topics that can lead to suicidal ideation in one way or another. The reason was simply to show that we all have thoughts and ideas within us that at times serve us well an other times do not. For me some combination of all of these things I have discussed this week became the reason for my suicidal ideation. If your thoughts are negative for too long they can lead to sadness, depression and suicidal ideation quite easily. There is nothing wrong with this as there is nothing wrong with being happy or confused but the important thing is recognizing what is going on and taking active steps to make changes. If you notice that you are unable to navigate through your mental space alone talk to  the people close to you an if they are unable to help, look for a professional.

Mental health professionals are just that. They make a living out of helping people better understand their own mind. I know the thought of seeing a therapist is scary and I had my own share of extreme anxiety before I went to regular therapy for the first time. Without a doubt, I can say that I have only been able to tackle the tough topics in my life this year because I reached out. Half the time, I felt awkward and most times I did not want to believe what my therapist said. The reality however is that without those honest and harsh truths, I would still be on the couch not even aware that there was a problem,

If you stuck through and read all the posts this week, let me know. I would love some feedback.

Thank you and continue being awesome.

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